Having worked in the food industry for 31 years and owned a restaurant for 13, we're using our combined knowledge, experience and skills to help others launch, run and accelerate their own food businesses. Whether it's a one-off commission or an ongoing project, we offer consultancy services that include:
  • Helping you to create exciting new vegetarian and vegan recipes and menus
  • Sharing our own innovative cooking tools and techniques
  • Advice on kitting out your kitchen or restaurant
This is just a small taster of the services on offer so, if you're interested in finding how we can work together on your next culinary venture, email us or call +44 (020) 7242 2622 for more information.


"The Partnership cherishes its relationship with Andrew and Donna and their team at Vanilla Black. They have all worked closely with us over the last 2 years helping us to help our clients appreciate that vegetarian and vegan dishes merit the same amount of attention as meat and fish ones and not just be treated as an alternative option for the minority. Over 70 members of TUCO, the University Catering Association client of Litmus, have now enjoyed a Vanilla Black experience and benefited from meeting Andrew and discussing vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Many more will continue to do so and by sharing their experience within their own universities, they will accelerate the mindset changes need to successfully cater for customers. regardless of 'label', seeking plant-based food and new and wonderful culinary experiences."

Tim Cookson, Chairman and Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality 

"Andrew and Donna have put so much time and effort into helping us get The Vurger Co off the ground. We've worked closely with them on everything from the menu, to service, to kitchen equipment and even right through to restaurant fit out ideas. They have a treasure trove of experience and knowledge and are incredibly friendly and willing to help others along the way. We were even lucky enough to spend a day with their incredible kitchen team learning from the very best! Andrew and Donna are hugely successful restaurateurs, essential members of our growing team and most importantly, they have become great friends of ours."  

Rachel Hugh and Neil Potts, Owners of The Vurger Co.