Proving that vegetarian food can be flavoursome and satisfying, with a menu that is varied and imaginative.
Michelin guide 2011

There is something interesting going on here.The part of this meal which really indicated a strong hand in the kitchen was the smallest :a tiny pot of home-made brown sauce.The same skill was evident at dessert. I hope to return soon to give the menu a proper shakedown.
Jay Rayner, The Observer

I knew I was going to get a good meal as soon as the delicious home made bread rolls and fabulous butters were served. Every course was beautifully crafted with such attention to detail, great flavours and delightful presentation. This is vegetarian food on a new level. Contemporary and exciting - GO!
Mitzie Wilson, Editorial Food Consultant, Woman and Home Magazine

The parcels of fresh greens are tender, with a punchy sauce that wows but doesn't overwhelm. Now this, I imagine, is what vegetarians come off the beaten track to eat. After my visit, a friend asked me if I'd recommend it as a good place to take his vegetarian teenage daughter for a special occasion. I certainly would: it has a gravitas and elegance missing from the rest of the "brown rice brigade".
The Independent on Sunday

Vanilla Black is without doubt the best vegetarian restaurant I've been to in this country. It's certainly the poshest. The cooking is refined, adventurous and presented with an artists eye for shape and colour. It's certainly somwhere I'll be recommending in the future and not just to vegetarians. 
Tracey MacLeod,The Independent

Vanilla Black joins the very short list of London restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes so good, so precisely spiced and seasoned, and with such interesting combinations of taste and texture, that  even hardened meat eaters don’t miss their pound of flesh. Vanilla Black deserves a warm welcome.
Charles Campion

The food is creative, beautifully presented and exciting.  Staff are informative and attentive.  Vanilla Black is not likely to become your local; it's an upmarket treat.
Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian

My veggie pal, resigned to too many mushroom risottos and roast veg and goats cheese towers, is impressed. But it's the syrupy,custardy sponge pudding that wins the day: gorgeous.
Marina O'Loughlin, Metro